Thailand - Intriguing, diverse, spiritual...

With a history steeped in ancient traditions and a geographical location that bridges mainland Southeast Asia, capturing the essence of Thailand in a few lines is no easy feat. You can explore vibrant, historic, and modern cities such as Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, and Ayutthaya. And not forgetting the stunning natural landscapes from the tropical beaches of Phuket to the lush jungles of Chiang Mai. For many visitors, Thailand isn't complete without visiting the magnificent temples like Wat Phra Kaew and Wat Arun in Bangkok or experiencing the vibrant street life and markets.


**Requirements due to COVID-19 are constantly changing. Please check your own country's international travel advice as well as the airline requirements before travel.**

UK guests, please see the UK Government Foreign Office Travel website for the latest entry and exit advice: 

US guests, please see the Travel State website:  


British, U.S., and Canadian citizens do not need a visa for stays up to 30 days if arriving by air; for other entry points, a 15-day visa-free stay is typically granted. Longer stays or other entry points may require a visa.


Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months beyond your planned date of departure from Thailand. Please ensure you fill out the "Emergency Next of Kin" section in your passport.

N.B. Visa and entry requirements, regulations, and restrictions can vary regularly. Ensure you check well in advance of travel the current requirements applicable to you.


Travel Insurance:

It is company policy that all passengers must have valid travel insurance prior to traveling, including but not limited to health insurance and cancellation insurance. It is vital that ALL members of the traveling party are fully insured for the dates of travel. All pre-existing medical conditions must be declared to the insurer, and the correct cover must be taken regarding the specific type of holiday you are taking.

The details of your insurance must be advised to The Big Journey Company at least six weeks before your departure date. Please make sure to write down important information from your insurance policy, such as the company’s 24hr emergency telephone number (including dial code from abroad) and your policy number, and take these with you on tour.

General Health:

Please talk to your doctor or travel health clinic in person at least eight weeks before you travel, where a health professional can provide you with the necessary health information for your personal needs. Wearing sunscreen, drinking plenty of water, washing your hands properly before eating, and avoiding insect bites should keep you healthy on tour.

We recommend you carry a simple travelers’ first-aid kit containing any basic items that you feel may be required, including remedies for minor stomach complaints. If you need to see a doctor during the tour, please speak to your Big Journey Company tour escort. Thailand's climate can be hot and humid, and it is advised to stay hydrated at all times. Sun hats and sunscreen are advisable.

Passengers with Disabilities or Reduced Mobility:

The Thailand Tour is an Activity Level 2 tour and will require moderate physical activity and include various forms of transport. Please check our Activity Levels description page to see if this level is suitable for you or contact us if you require further information on the activities involved in the tour.

If you or any member of your party has any medical problem or disability that may affect your holiday, please provide us with full details before we confirm your booking, or as soon as possible at the time they occur, so that we can try to advise on the suitability of your chosen arrangements. Please note, we may require you to produce a doctor’s certificate certifying that you are fit to participate in the tour.

Medical Conditions and Personal Medication:

Please advise us prior to travel if you have any medical conditions requiring special attention during your trip. If you have a specific medical condition, it is wise to carry the relevant doctor’s prescription with you. Important: Pack a sufficient supply of any medications you are taking, copies of the prescriptions, and the telephone/fax numbers of your doctor.

Please note, some countries require that prescription drugs be carried in their original container, with the label clearly visible. In the event of you losing your medication, a qualified pharmacist should be able to source a replacement.


Please consult your doctor before traveling for the latest immunization information as well as advice according to your unique medical needs.

Traveling with CPAP or other Medical Machines:

Please inform The Big Journey Company that you are traveling with such a device as early as possible, and well before you travel. This is especially important in places where there may be issues with power supply. Also, check that you have the correct electrical and voltage adapters for the country and accommodation you are visiting; check with your airline that they allow your device to be carried as additional hand luggage and ensure that your device is easily accessible and properly labeled as medical machinery; always carry a letter from your medical practitioner prescribing its use for you; ensure you have details of your machine separately in case of the need to secure repairs/replacements while you are traveling; check with your medical practitioner about the use of tap or bottled water in the event that distilled water cannot be sourced in the country you are traveling to.

*Please note, if you require distilled or ionized water, you must inform The Big Journey Company of this at least two weeks ahead of travel, so we are able to make preparations with our ground agents. There will be an additional charge for this.

Special Dietary Requirements:

Please let us know in good time prior to travel if you have any special dietary requirements (e.g., vegetarian, vegan, diabetic, gluten-free, etc.). We will make every effort to accommodate your request with the resources available to us.


What to Pack and Wear:

We would recommend comfortable clothes and shoes for this tour. Feel free to include a smart-casual outfit for dinner if you wish; however, there is no pressure to follow a dress code.

The weather in Thailand can vary greatly, from hot and humid in the central regions to tropical and monsoonal in others. Pack lightweight and breathable clothing suitable for warm weather, along with a light jacket or raincoat for occasional showers. Insect repellent, sunglasses, a sun hat, and sun cream are essential items. Don't forget your camera, with charger/spare batteries and memory cards, and pack your swimming costume too if your itinerary includes beach or pool activities.


Laundry services are available in most hotels on the tour.


The main language of Thailand is Thai.


Thailand is 7 hours ahead of London (GMT+7).


Thailand has a tropical climate with three main seasons: hot (March to May), rainy (June to October), and cool (November to February). Temperatures and rainfall can vary significantly between regions.


Thailand operates on a 220V supply voltage and 50Hz. You will need a power plug travel adapter for sockets type A, B, C, or F.



The currency of Thailand is the Thai Baht (THB). Credit cards are widely accepted, but it is advisable to carry money in cash with you as well. ATMs are widely available in cities and tourist areas.

Visa and Mastercard are the most widely accepted credit cards, however, many places do not accept cards such as Diners Club or American Express. If you intend to use any of your debit or credit cards while away, please make sure that you contact your bank before you leave to inform them that you will be traveling in order not to cause any problems using your cards or while on the trip.

Important Note - Thailand uses chip-and-pin credit cards, so cards with magnetic strips on the back (commonly used in North America) may not work with certain automated machines. You might want to carry some extra cash in your wallet to use in these situations just in case. You may be asked to provide ID if you cannot pay by chip and PIN.


After feedback from previous guests, we offer a group tipping package for this tour. Look out for more information in your pre-tour emails.


Thai cuisine is renowned for its vibrant flavors, featuring dishes like pad Thai, green curry, and mango sticky rice, often incorporating fresh herbs, seafood, and a variety of spices.


Tap water in Thailand is generally not considered safe to drink. It is advisable for visitors to drink bottled or filtered water to avoid potential health issues, especially outside urban areas and popular tourist destinations.


Retail shops in Thailand typically open from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM, seven days a week. Local markets and street vendors often operate later into the evening.


Thailand is generally considered a safe country for travelers, with a well-developed tourism infrastructure. However, as with any travel destination, it is wise to stay informed about the current situation, follow local advice, and take standard safety precautions.


Smoking is banned in most indoor public places, but there are usually designated outdoor areas where people can smoke.


The predominant religion in Thailand is Theravada Buddhism. Religious tolerance is observed, and other religions are practiced by minority communities within the country.


Thailand offers endless opportunities for photography, from ancient temples and bustling markets to stunning beaches and natural landscapes. Remember to pack your camera, along with the charger, spare batteries, and a spare memory card!


Please note, standard hotel check-in is around 3 pm, so should you arrive earlier than this, your room may not be available upon arrival. For those arriving early morning, we will do everything we can to work with the hotel to get you an earlier check-in subject to availability.


Please check your tour paperwork for hotel information relating to your tour departure.


  • Photocopy the personal information pages of your passport; leave one copy at home with a friend or family member, and take a copy with you, but pack it separately from the passport itself.
  • It is advisable to carry all your travel documentation as well as valuables and essential items in your hand luggage, such as a camera, toiletries, reading material, etc.
  • Duty-Free shopping is always tempting, but please check the current Duty-Free limits applicable in the country of your destination.
  • Longer flights can be made a little more enjoyable by wearing loose clothing and good, comfortable shoes. Walking in the aisles regularly, eating sensibly, and drinking plenty of fluids (not alcohol) is also advised.
  • Where possible, try to get some sleep during the flight and upon arrival at your destination. Most people adjust better to the local time if they wait until the evening before sleeping – this should relieve some of the effects of jet lag.

If you have any other questions that we have not covered here, please send us an e-mail to:

Please note, the above information is provided as a guideline only. Although every effort has been made to provide complete and accurate information, The Big Journey Company makes no warranties, express or implied, or representations as to the accuracy of content on this website. The Big Journey Company assumes no liability or responsibility for any error or omissions in the information contained on the website.

Updated June 2024

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