Why do people chose to travel on their holidays as part of an escorted group? This is a question that we do get asked here at The Big Journey Company, where all our holidays are Group Tours along with Tour Directors & Local Guides who accompany and coordinate everything on location for the guests.
There is a list of obvious pros and cons- You can send one email to us and everything on your holiday is sorted out for you- the excursions, the meals and the hotels; The Big Journey Company has already taken care of checking to ensure the high quality of those hotels, the meals and the vehicles you travel in; When you arrive and depart, the airport transfers are all sorted- all you have to do is turn up and we make sure you arrive safely at the hotel or airport. There is a Tour Director along with you in case of any problems arising during the tour. Their role is to sort those problems out for you and you can relax with a glass of something cool and refreshing whilst they do so. But the benefits of joining an escorted tour are so much greater than the sum of these first items on the list. The added value from having your own Tour Director/ Local Guide should not be underestimated.
A real confidence is gained by guests who know that the places they visit have already been tried and tested. Ongoing evaluation by staff and feedback from our previous guests mean that The Big Journey Company escorted tours continually improve in quality. Guests benefit hugely from this. They go on their holiday once- they do not have the opportunity to evaluate and improve their holiday for next time.
When you want to step out and do something new and exciting, travelling somewhere totally unfamiliar can be intimidating. Having the confidence to travel somewhere different is a real barrier for some people, but after participating in one or several of our holidays those same people feel much more able to undertake bigger adventures for themselves. Often those more adventurous things are also with us, as they have so enjoyed the service our Tour Directors provide. Travelling alone can be intimidating and it can get a little lonely, especially if you do not speak the local language. Group escorted tours are a relaxing, enjoyable way to meet new people who are likely to be interested in many of the same things as yourself. The Big Journey Company guests make lasting friendships with people of a similar mindset- we have people who met on one tour and now book other tours together as a group as they have enjoyed each other’s company so much. Guest feedback tells us that often the best thing people will take home with them is the new friendships they have made on their journey.
Safe travel is a key principle for our escorted tours. Having a good understanding of local cultures, rules and laws, weather conditions, attitudes and etiquette for behaviour is the number one piece of travel safety advice given to travellers. This is exactly what our local Tour Guides and our Tour Directors do well.
For example, anyone can go online and book themselves a safari holiday to Kenya – the difficult part is knowing exactly where you want to go and how to ensure you see what it is you want to see. It seems a little too obvious to say you want to see animals – of course you do. But you also want to ensure that you can make the most of everything; see as wide a selection of animals as possible in their most natural habitat, in a safe and comfortable vehicle with interesting, experienced, professional guides. Excellent food and comfortable accommodation are very important when this is a once in a lifetime experience. It can be difficult when sorting through the dozens of options available to know you have made the best choice. And there is more. What to pack? What visas do you need? How can you make sure that your airport transfer vehicle doesn’t break down on the way to the airport so that you do not miss your connections? For all this attention to detail you need a little expert help. The Big Journey Company knows Kenya. We have been taking our guests there for 12 years. We understand the country and we know how the transportation works and we know exactly how to ensure that you retire each night wondering, amazed at yet another special day filled with unforgettable memories. What about the people of Kenya? We use local guides who not only know the land and the animals but how to find them, how to to share them with you and how to keep you safe. The local guides and the people we meet give a lot of themselves to ensure you have the best experience possible. They are good at their job and they enjoy carrying it out. As important as seeing animals on safari is the opportunity to meet local people and properly understand how they live, feed and educate themselves and experience how they meet the challenges that they face. We don’t visit mock villages with fake homes – we take our guests to a local village where they can interact with local women and children, understand some of the customs the villagers live by. Great care is taken to ensure guests are given a true experience of cultural exchange.
Our Tour Directors don’t just want you to see Kenya – we want you to experience the REAL Kenya; to go home feeling as if you really go under the skin of the country. Extend that to all of the tours offered across the globe by The Big Journey Company - our guests know from their very first enquiry that they will receive personal attention and be guided through every step of the journey from booking, to advice about the country and services, what to pack, how to prepare. They can be confident of a warm welcome on arrival and that every detail is tailored to ensure that they get the most out of their trip. Want a little more? Assistance is also available to book pre- and post-tour accommodation and travel if there is something more specialised you want to add on to the trip.
All of this is why people choose to travel as part of an escorted group with The Big Journey Company, often time and again. We are a small company in number but a huge company in heart and The Big Journey Company ethos continues to be to create high quality escorted journeys across the globe, without false promises, false discounts or false loyalty schemes. We create innovative global journeys that give our guests countless unforgettable experiences. We hope to see you soon!
Do you have your own reasons for travelling as part of an escorted group? We would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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