January saw the first tour of the year take place, the Grand Safari of Kenya, hosted by Sohrab, Managing Director of The Big Journey Company. So is rarely at home for long so we have grabbed the opportunity to take 5 and asked him to tell us why this journey is his favourite…

Why is the Grand Safari of Kenya special to you?

For me it's how the journey of going on a Safari makes you feel. The incredibly close proximity to the animals provides a sense of what it was like when our ancestors lived as a part of the eco system, in the middle of the food chain. You become fully immersed in your surroundings as you watch quietly while the animals go about their daily life, under the heat of the sun. You become engrossed further as the unique scent of the Maasai Mara is carried by the welcome breeze across the plains. There is a great simplicity and a power about the life the animals lead, provoking you to question elements of yourself and how you live your life.

What are your favourite elements of the tour?

The diverse landscape and wide variety of animals are what I love the most. Certain species can only be found in specific areas, therefore this tour journeys across the plains to hopefully find some of the more unique animals which call the Maasai Mara home.

Which is your favourite animal & why…

Although they are often overlooked & seen as rather ugly animals I do love warthogs. Their playful and daft nature always makes me smile. Giraffes are also captivating to watch, its as if they are defying the laws of gravity, their structure logically shouldn't work but it does, they are truly beautiful creatures.

Can you name a best bit of the tour?

Each day you become more immersed in your surroundings, there is just so much to take in. When we stop for a break we often get the opportunity to meet local people, this is a real highlight for me as a conversation with a Maasai warrior, teacher or group of school children is so insightful.

Why would you recommend going on a Safari…

I've been fortunate enough to have been taking people on Safari for the past 10 years, sometimes twice, even four times a year. People often ask me what it feels like to go on Safari, in all honesty until you go, the feeling is quite indescribable. The journey of a Safari is one that will leave an impression on you. I always say, be prepared to leave a little of your soul in Africa in exchange for a piece of it in you.

Safari means journey in Swahili, which this truly is, in every sense of the word.

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