For us at The Big Journey Company, 2016 has been a fantastic year filled with fabulous memories from all around the world and we thought we'd take a moment to reflect on these before we dive into the new year...

Tasmin, one of our Tour Escorts told us about her favourite memory this year being when So proposed to her in October on the Great Wall of China during their hike along the wall, topping off a fabulous week in China with such wonderful people.

Fliss, described her favourite memory being of Cambodia, where her senses were overwhelmed with a variety of sights, sounds, emotions and tastes. In particular, the moments of silence and reflection were very special, with the most magical moment being when she sat on a wall gazing over the river at Angkor Wat Temple in Siem Reap, as dawn broke, colours filtered through the sky, birds chattered in the banyan trees and tourists started to arrive on their tuk-tuks.

Andy told us about his favourite moments during the Canadian Grizzly Bear Adventure, meeting with a big boar grizzly bear nicknamed 'Bent Ear' who strolled along the bank right infront of him and how it even swam in the river no more than 10 feet from the boat.

Sam expressed her love for the Lakes Tour and getting to know all of the guests well during the many days out in the Lakes and even having the opportunity to take them to some of the places that she loves to spend her free time at when she's home.

And finally, our Operations Director Sam told us about her favourite moment on the Grand Tour of South Africa, when they made an unplanned stop at a vineyard in Cape town with a wonderful group of guests, enjoying the wine and tapas amidst the vineyards...

We have so many fond memories of 2016 and we've got plenty more in store for the New Year! If you want to find out more about where we're going next year, or want to find out more about our favourite memories of 2016, contact us here.

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